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Personal and housing defence

Personal defence, in addition to being an absolute need for certain risky occupations and in cases of isolated homes far from built-up areas, is a requirement increasingly felt by other segments of the public who want to feel safer regarding themselves and their loved ones.

Fiocchi offers the widest range of cartridges and ammunition for personal defence, and can recommend the best choice according to the real needs of end users, either directly or through its network of qualified specialised distributors.


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Lines smoothbore


A range of ammunition suitable for tactical use purposes, with lethal end points.

Less than lethal

A range of ammunition suitable for deterrence and characterized by limited lethality ...

Lines rifled

Top Defence

Quality and aggression characterise this line loaded with Fiocchi Black Mamba bullets...

Top Target

Ideal for training, it ensures superior performance in terms of precision and barrel ...


A range of products for semi-automatic weapons and revolvers, offering a wide range o...


Three different cartridges for special needs:- TER bullet, Total Encapsulated Reverse...

Linea Perfecta Sniper

Fiocchi’s decision to produce these lines was supported by significant investme...