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Fiocchi Selector



A line that includes higher loads cartridges with "double base" powders. This is particularly effective ammunition for long ranges, giving maximum reliability for hunting resistant game and in extreme weather conditions.

Line rating: (media: 6.44)

Descr.CaseFor ChambersWeightSizeVelocity*Pressure*Terms of shooting 
ULTRAMAGNUM12/89/2789mm/ 3 630 IT, 4 IT, 5 IT, 2 IT355850Details
MAGNUM12/76/2776mm/3 or longer520 IT, 2 IT, 4 IT, 5 IT, 6 IT, 7 IT, 8 IT355960Details
Cal 20 MAGNUM12/76/2776mm/3 or longer522/0 IT355960Details
MAGNUM12/76/2776mm/3 or longer524/0 IT355960Details
SEMI MAGNUM12/70/2770mm/2 or longer422/0 IT390920Details
SEMI MAGNUM12/70/2770mm/2 or longer424/0 IT390920Details
SEMI MAGNUM12/70/2770mm/2 or longer420 IT, 2 IT, 3 IT, 4 IT, 5 IT, 6 IT, 7 IT, 8 IT390920Details
MAGNUM20/76/1676mm/3 or longer350 IT, 2 IT, 4 IT, 5 IT, 6 IT, 7 IT385900Details
SEMI MAGNUM20/70/1670mm/2 or longer322 IT, 4 IT, 5 IT, 6 IT, 7 IT, 0 IT390920Details
MAGNUM36/76/1676mm/3 or longer194 IT, 6 IT, 7.5 IT, 8 IT, 9 IT370800Details
MAGNUM36/76/1676mm/3 or longer1910 IT370800Details
MAGNUM bior36/76/1676mm/3196 IT, 7 IT, 8 IT, 9 IT370800Details
MAGNUM bior36/76/1676mm/31910 IT370800Details


Speed  m/s
Pressure  bar
Energy Joule

V10 e E10 for rifled gun
V0 e E0 for rifle

Speed is tested accordingly to C.I.P. barrel requirements.

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