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4HV is the new cartridge with copper plated lead 5% antimony presented in combination with 616 GOLD primer. This cartridge is extremely powerful using shots suitable for hard targets and long distance shooting.
Golden and Official are the product lines chosen by international skeet shooting champions, as they combine smoothness of recoil with high performance and so are ideal for long competitions. The Golden range is made with top components (616 GOLD primer, selected shot with 5% antimony and treated with a gold anti-friction coating) and is distinguished by having one of the shortest barrel-times* of all cartridges on the market.

The Official range is characterised by consistency of performance, thanks to its type 5 shot shell and Kemira Finnish powder, harmonised with the 616 SILVER primer, the special Fiocchi wad and selected shot with 5% antimony.
* time between the moment the firing pin touches the percussion cap and the loaded shot leaves the barrel.

Line rating: (media: 6.44)

Descr.CaseFor ChambersWeightSizeVelocity*Pressure 
GOLDEN - 24g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer247.5 IT400560Details
GOLDEN LIGHT - 24g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer247.5 IT395560Details
GOLDEN - 28g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer287.5 IT385580Details
GOLDEN LIGHT - 28g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer287.5 IT380580Details
OFFICIAL - 24g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer247 IT400560Details
OFFICIAL - 24g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer247.5 IT400560Details
OFFICIAL LIGHT - 24g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer247.5 IT395560Details
OFFICIAL - 24g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer248 IT400560Details
OFFICIAL - 28g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer287 IT385580Details
OFFICIAL - 28g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer287.5 IT385580Details
OFFICIAL LIGHT - 28g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer287.5 IT380580Details
OFFICIAL - 28g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer288 IT385580Details
OFFICIAL SKEET - 24g12/70/2270mm/2 or longer249.5 IT395570Details
OFFICIAL DOUBLE - 24g12/70/1270mm/2 or longer248.5 IT400540Details
OFFICIAL ELECTROCIBLES12/70/2270mm/2 or longer287.5 IT390560Details
OFFICIAL ELECTROCIBLES12/70/2270mm/2 or longer327.5 IT390600Details
OFFICIAL ELECTROCIBLES12/70/2270mm/2 or longer328 IT390600Details


Speed  m/s
Pressure  bar
Energy Joule

V10 e E10 for rifled gun
V0 e E0 for rifle

Speed is tested accordingly to C.I.P. barrel requirements.

Use of products
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