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Fiocchi Old Time

Lovers of historical weapons can satisfy their passion with this range of traditional and Fiocchi calibers continues to propose and substantiate the accuracy of all time, enhanced by modern technology.

Line rating: (media: 6.47)

CodeDescr.Bullet typeBullet weight (grs)Bullet weight (g)Velocity*Energy* 
70 57505,75 VELODOGFMJ432,7924080Details
70 3200320 SHORT FMJ825,31230141Details
71 76707,65 PARABELLUMLRN GZN1107,13345424Details
71 3200320 SHORT LRN GZN825,31220129Details
70 3210320 SHORTFMJ825,31250166Details
70 032032 S&W SHORTFMJ855,51220133Details
70 76307,63 MAUSERFMJ885,7430527Details
70 76707,65 PARABELLUMFMJ936,03365402Details
70 76727,65 PARABELLUMSJSP936,03365402Details
70 90609 MAKAROVFMJ956,16330335Details
70 033032 S&W LONGFMJ976,29250196Details
70 76107,62 NAGANTFMJ986,35240183Details
70 90009X18 POLICEFMJTC1006,48325342Details
70 75007,5 SWISS ORDINANCEFMJ1076,93370474Details
70 80208 LEBELFMJ1117,19270262Details
70 80008 STEYRFMJ1137,32300329Details
70 90509 STEYRFMJ1157,45350456Details
70 3800380 SHORTFMJ1258,1240233Details
71 3800380 SHORTLRN GZN1258,1230214Details
70 3810380 LONGFMJ1258,1255263Details
70 80108 GASSERFMJ1268,17250255Details
70 038038 S&W SHORTFMJ1459,4215217Details
71 038038 S&W SHORTLRN GZN1459,4220227Details
71 4500450 SHORTLRN GZN22614,65240422Details
71 044044 S&W RUSSIANLRN GZN24716,01250500Details
71 4550455 WEBLY MK IILRN GZN26216,98200340Details


Speed  m/s
Pressure  bar
Energy Joule

V10 e E10 for rifled gun
V0 e E0 for rifle

Speed is tested accordingly to C.I.P. barrel requirements.

Use of products
Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A. reminds you that the use of their products is regulated by specific laws that may vary from country to country. It is the responsibility of the individual user to find out which rules are in force in the country in which they make use of the products.
Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A. indicates that the suggestions for the use of their products are purely indicative and refer to laboratory tests conducted and confirmed by the experience gained by its technicians and employees in the field. Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A does not rule out that special hunting situations could lead to specific assessments that may differ from what is suggested.